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About Noordbaak

A modern and lively residential block surrounded by water on both sides.

NDSM is quickly becoming a much-loved place to live and enjoy life.

NoordBaak is another exciting residential addition to this modern city wharf, combining comfort, sustainability and spectacular views.

Noordbaak is located on the west side of the NDSM wharf.

ArchitectsDe Zwarte Hond
ContractorKondor Wessels Amsterdam
The pearl
of NDSM west

NoordBaak is an exciting residential project on the northern banks of the IJ, perfect for urban pioneers. This mixed-use project consists of four building blocks that flow together.

With a mix of 207 owner-occupied and rental apartments, and surrounded on two sides by water, NoordBaak is truly the pearl of NDSM west.

Sales start Monday the 8th of May
The sale of the 71 stylish apartments in De Groote Kaap and De Kleine Kaap overlooking the IJ starts on the 8th of May at 15:00 hours.

Inner green courtyard
On the ground floor of NoordBaak, you will find general facilities and commercial spaces. It also contains in indoor parking facility with lots of room for bicycles, scooters and cars. Multiple charging stations are available. NoordBaak will also delight its residents with its unique courtyard. This green oasis lies at the heart of the complex, connecting all four buildings. Here, residents can find relaxation and connect with their neighbors. The inner courtyard provides for a much-welcome escape from the urban crowdedness that characterizes NDSM.

Soil energy
NoordBaak’s nature-inclusive garden is not the building’s only sustainable asset. It also is BENG certified, meaning it meets all the necessary requirements to be an ‘almost energy neutral building’. NoordBaak's energy supply is connected to a WKO installation: a system that heats or cools the building by means of soil energy. 

Wheelchair friendly
Together with our client Lieven De Key, G&S& realized 192 affordable homes for the city of Amsterdam. 5 of these homes – fitting the ‘social’ category of housing - are wheelchair-friendly, as requested by Lieven De Key. The creation of these homes required lots of adjustments and flexibility from the architect on duty, De Zwarte Hond. Despite of technical challenges, they managed to pull it off!

On the northern shores of the IJ river Noordbaak reveals itself to the city of Amsterdam. This mixed-use project is design out of the four idiosyncratic blocks that smoothly unite in to one

De Zwarte Hond, architects

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