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About M'Dam

‘All-electric’ apartments in the most circular, large-scale wooden residential building of the Netherlands.

M'Dam Monnickendam is truly exceptional. Never before has a large-scale residential building been built of timber almost in its entirety. Consisting out of 62 versatile apartments, the building is furthermore energy neutral and modularly constructed.

ArchitectsFinch Buildings
ContractorDe GrootVroomshoop
Sustainable living in Monnickendam

Together with our partners FinchBuildings, De Groot Vroomshoop and, Stichting Wooncompagnie, G&S& managed to create something truly outstanding in Monnickendam. M’dam is an energy neutral building, modularly constructed out of cross laminated timber. The 62 pre-fabricated apartments are versatile and could be used for nearly any purpose: as a studio, a two- or three room apartment, office or even a hotel. Thanks to their fair price, they are perfect for people who are looking to buy their first apartment as well as seniors.  

Negative CO2 footprint 
As envisioned by all the collaborating parties in this project, the high-quality apartments were almost entirely built in the factory. Due to the use of solid wood, the modular design and the industrial manufacturing process, the building has a negative CO2 footprint. We also made sure to use wood from sustainably managed forests. Also, we decided to plant back more trees (1000) than the amount that we used: using wood is great, overexploitation is not.  
Lower energy costs 
All 62 apartments are ‘all-electric’ and sustainable. An air-water heat pump provides heating for the apartments; solar panels are used to generate energy; on top of that, the building has a rather high insulation value. As a result, residents will enjoy much lower energy costs. Duurzaam Waterland offers residents who don’t own a car (or don’t want to), electric cars to share in the vicinity of M’dam.

Built in 9 months 
Back then, this was the first time that a wooden large-scale residential building was constructed in the Netherlands. And we managed to do so exceptionally quickly as well: the building was completed 9 months later! With this project, G&S& and its partners has proved that building an energy-neutral, wooden, affordable building that prioritizes well-being for the residents and the environment is possible. And should it be necessary that the building needs to be broken down in the future, it can be re-used in parts.  
Award-winning design 
To create this unique concept and bring it to life, we closely worked together with our partners. Only by joining forces, it was possible to find a sustainable building method with a low footprint. Constructing a wooden building like this was truly an adventure. In 2022, G&S& and its partners were awarded with the Nationale Houtbouwprijs for M’dam. 

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