teamLab & Jeroen van Mastrigt & Jeroen Sanders teamLab & Jeroen van Mastrigt & Jeroen Sanders teamLab & Jeroen van Mastrigt & Jeroen Sanders teamLab & Jeroen van Mastrigt & Jeroen Sanders

About Nowhere

Nowhere is Europe’s first center dedicated to Immersive Digital Art, is scheduled to open its doors in Wonderwoods, next to Utrecht Central Station in 2024.

Meet Nowhere: a new state-of-the-art museum dedicated to showcasing the world’s leading digital artists. Located in the iconic green towers of Wonderwoods, this museum will bring to you 3000 m2 of visionary art works by the world’s leading digital artists. Nowhere is planned to open sometime in 2024, with a permanent exhibition by Tokyo-based collective teamLab.

Interactive and engaging art  
The name of the museum, Nowhere, refers to the space between the digital and the physical world. A place with no fixed perspective; a place to fill in. Visitors will get the chance to lose themselves in a magical world, filled with a new type of multisensory and interactive digital art. Unlike other traditional galleries or museums, the public will actively participate in and engage with the art works on display. This will result in an enticing, rich and unique art experience for a broad group of art lovers.

ArchitectsStefano Boeri Architetti & MVSA Architects
A art space where children will take their grandparents.

’We are honoured that teamLab is the first to exhibit its works in Utrecht. Nowhere allows a broad audience, through art, to experience and play with our future and thus promises to become a very valuable addition to Dutch cultural and leisure offerings.

Jeroen van Mastrigt, Quartermaker Nowhere

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