1000 Mahlerlaan

OZ & Chanel International & G&S& Bouw & Rob Peetoom OZ & Chanel International & G&S& Bouw & Rob Peetoom OZ & Chanel International & G&S& Bouw & Rob Peetoom OZ & Chanel International & G&S& Bouw & Rob Peetoom

About 1000 Mahlerlaan

A timeless and unique office concept, characterized by a chic yet modest look

Because of its compact and clear shape and the scale of the façade design, 1000 Mahler really sets itself apart from other office buildings at the Zuidas. Much attention has been given to the detailing of the building. As such, it poses itself as the ideal office building for high end companies – such as Chanel - that are looking to emphasize their own identity while being discreet.

1000 Mahlerlaan
A toiler-made office especially for Chanel

During the financial crisis, the initial investor of 1000 Mahler dropped out. G&S& rose to the challenge, involving Chanel – the main tenant of the building – in the design. The building is tailor-made to fit with the needs and wishes of Chanel: it’s safe, flexible and anonymous. After Chanel ‘moved into’ the Zuidas, many more high-end companies – such as Rob Peetoom – followed. It truly brough a new energy to the area.

Refined, high-quality design
1000 Mahler is characterized by top quality interiors, created in accordance with Chanel, and a Bauhaus-inspired exterior. The building has various outdoor spaces, including an inner garden and terraces. Numerous balconies, made out of wood that matches the warm materials used in the interior, are connected to the different floors. This gives the building a confident look, adding to a pleasant and stimulating work environment.

Relationship with the city
Because of the scale of the building and the size of the outdoor spaces, 1000 Mahler truly connects the user with his/ her surroundings. This emphasis on creating a connection with the outdoors, was exceptional for the time the building was created: back then, ‘closed off’ building were the standard. The building, furthermore, is a true eye-catcher thanks to its shifted front pattern, consisting of walls and floors in Jura stone. The copious use of glass results in a high degree of transparency: a perfect fit with the ‘honest chic’ approach of the companies residing here. The ground floor, with stores, restaurants and a hair salon, strengthens the building’s relationship with its surroundings.

The upper floors have a high degree of flexibility. This allows for zoning. Users can create workplaces that encourage casual encounters. (…) This office design is not an end in itself, but a means to achieve a chic and pleasant working environment.

John Bosch, OZ

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